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Launching of our website





“La Cabosse D’or” (Cabosse means cacao pod, and “Or” means gold, the exact meaning being The Golden Cacao Pod) is a small factory which was founded in Noumea 18 years ago, manufacturing and selling Belgian chocolates.

The products are manufactured in a customary way in the purest tradition of Belgian chocolate manufacturers. Some typically and innovative local chocolates came up to life, such has the chocolate with macadamia or the chocolate with ginger.

We also retail our chocolates in our Boutique “La Cabosse D’Or”, but they can also be found elsewhere, in the first class section of the AIRCALIN flights, or with your coffee at the restaurant “Le Bout du Monde” at Port Moselle, Noumea. We also have a range of product sold in various Duty Free shops.





La Cabosse D’Or was launched in Noumea at the end of 1989 and was officially inaugurated in January 1990 at the Professional Association Shopping Mall at Nouville.

Gregory Aulotte, the chocolate maker, set up this business with the help of his parents. Gregory was taking care of the production, Hilaire, his father was the Manager, and Michelle his mother was taking care of the sales in the boutique adjoining the factory.

Success was instantaneous and the day of the grand opening, more than a hundred kilograms of chocolate was freely given away.

In 1991, a second boutique was opened in Port Plaisance Shopping Mall. This boutique became very quickly “La Cabosse D’or” main boutique. 

In 1992, the factory which was located at the Professional Association Shopping Mall became far too small to handle an increasing production and it was replaced by a much larger factory in the outer Suburb of BOULARI, MONT DORE. Then, following his father’s death, Gregory had to take over the entire operations, punctually assisted by his mother, who finally let Gregory manage all the business by himself.

In 2007, the boutique located at Port Plaisance was closed down and relocated in a new boutique at 31, Route du Velodrome, Noumea, this new boutique being more exposed than the boutique at Port Plaisance.

In 2008, we launched our Internet website, which is today’s new technologies is an essential marketing tool. This website is giving us the opportunity to have an open window to a world without any frontiers, permitting us to keep our customers informed on “La Cabosse D’Or” new developments.





20th Anniversairy of

La Cabosse d'Or. (1990-2010)


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